Infinix Mobiles – Website Design

Creating experiential digital journeys for a young mobile brand.

The first impression is the last impression, and for a young brand like Infinix – that too in a very competitive business niche – the first impression had to speak volumes and one way to do it was to lure the audience with a culture-embedded aesthetic looking website.

The idea was to discover the visual trends that the targeted audience goes by and apply the strokes of paint accordingly. We did our research to find the proportion of colour and content a website craves and sprinkled our creativity to the facts to surprise the client with exactly what they needed.

Less they knew it would fetch them a great response from both existing and new users and of course, they did pat our back for the same. Also, the focus was to be informative and allow people to interact with the website through distinct types of content available on the same and we are glad we could accomplish it for Infinix.

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