From mapping
to delivery -
the journey of
Nexolts Smart Edge
program digital mapping
and action ecosystem
Ratings & RankingsKnow you customer better
AnalyticsAnalyse your customers' behaviour
Data MappingIndentity when where and who
Data FiltrationAuthentic. Updatted. Accurate.
TRIGGERED TARGETINGMulti-platform follow-up
ROI MonitoringCampaigns to Conversions
Real Time ReportingInstant campaign performance reports
SOCIAL MEDIA AND CHAT BOTSFind your customers where they want to be
Nexolt Smart Edge is an intelligent delivery mechanism that maps the entire customer journey and delivers a customized solution for each customer on the basis of intelligence gathered specific to the customer. The entire customer lifecycle is mapped in steps. These steps can be executed sequentially or individually depending on the objective of the campaign and the organization to deliver cutting-edge performance marketing.



is a customer engagement management program that is a continuously evolving actionable intelligence system. It is an intuitive application of technology that can detect nuanced aspects of customer behaviours and deliver to emotional states rather than functional ones.

The predictive web interface of Nexolt technologies makes it easier for marketers to personalise and execute campaigns. It also allows for them to assess and thereby sharpen the quality of communication leading to an enhance revenue and customer lifetime value.

Now you can control execution, analysis, mapping and modification from a single, easy to manage interface, allowing you to deliver the sharpest edge over a multi-channel delivery format.









Urban Clap
Alike every other startup we were also applying some cost-effective methods for marketing our services. So, we opt for email marketing. We were using some services under different vendors, however, we were not getting decent results. We were facing a great difficulty in inbox placement of our mails. Last year someone suggested us to go for M2I. As we were already tired hearing talks of good game, so we decided first to discuss all our issues with them. For which they offered some trial services initially. Without any delay, they started mailing for us and on the basis of real time reports we actually found the result impressive with the increased ROI and more enquiries.
Rahul Deorah
AVP Marketing
City Furnish
We were looking for some digital marketing service providers to optimize our sales mails. We tried out some of them but eventually we were not getting the result as per the set targets. We got the reference of “Move2inbox” from one of his existing customers who highly suggested to try them once. We were not only able to meet our targets but even left with vastly more. They offer us with their warmup domains which allowed us to send the mail easily without any inconvenience and with their report we easily able to figure out the difference in results from previous ones. I will also recommend to try their services once you won’t regret ever.
Saurabh Gupta
When it comes to e-mail marketing there are lot of service providers claiming their services as best in the market. However, M2I is one of the most recommended service providers we ever heard of. As a customer, we found the services are not only effective but also result oriented. Moreover with their data filtration service, they mapped active users for us which helped us in getting the results more efficiently. Now we are doing higher volume with tremendous performance with open rates of 30 to 40 % average."Move2inbox" evolved our progress successively.
Diwesh Mehta
Marketing Head
Phoenix Advanced Technologies
“Move 2 Inbox” is one of the best service providers we’ve ever worked with. They’re on top of their game and always assist us with best possible solutions. I remember when we first met them, we discussed the difficulties with the inbox placements of the mails. Despite opting different techniques we were unable to fetch good results. However, the way M2I helped us by creating a new strategy plan and bringing out the best results is exceptionally well. The not only talk about value but actually deliver it.
Amit Mathur
Quick 2 Host
M2I has been a fantastic provider in email marketing services. The way they deal with the client issues is amazing. They really know which tactics should be followed to improve the ROI of the business. There is no need to worry about the campaigns with the presence of their highly supportive team. Furthermore, the warmed up domains which they provided us made our work 50% easier to do. I highly recommend M2I for anyone looking for assistance and effectiveness together.
Amit Mathur
SVG Media
Like any other company we also want to gain business through online marketing. So, we thought why don’t start it with email marketing as it is one of the most cost-effective method. When we were looking for some service providers, most of us advised us to choose “M2i” as they are well known for their remarkable experiences previously. Surely, we would say we picked out the perfect option. They provided us with the warmed up platform which helped in succeeding our work effectively and made viable for us to achieve measurable marketing results through their real time reports. I really appreciate that they understand the importance of business to the clients.
Anurag Gupta
Co. Founder & Director
Ashmit Corporation
Without Nexolt SmartEdge we don’t believe it would be possible for us to gain parity with the competitors. The ease which they provide in their services is tremendous. We want someone who can clearly understand what actual result we want from the campaigns and that is what we got! Furthermore, the warmed up domains did wonders for us by making our work simpler and I truly believe I have a Dara to thank for that.
Saurab Bhatnagar
Managing Director
Value Leaf
‘Move 2 inbox’ is a great leader in email marketing services. We have learned a great deal from them. With the different outstanding services they have been improving our experience with them every time and we were really astonished with the results after opting their services. So, if you are considering working with them. Just do it, you will be surely delighted.
Satish Saraf
Founder Valueleaf
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